Chihuahua Care

 In this article, we will discuss how to properly care for your Chihuahua, some common health concerns facing Chihuahuas, how to choose the right vet as well as how to choose the right diet to make sure that your Chihuahua grows up to be a healthy, strong adult. Chihuahua care isnít very difficult but some attention is needed, as Chihuahua puppies are some of the most loyal and loving puppies out there but, due to their small size, they are very delicate. Caring for a Chihuahua is almost like taking care of a small child, so youíll want to get your home ready for your new arrival as well as some other preparations that will be necessary if you want your Chihuahua to be safe as well as comfortable in your home.

 Bringing Your Chihuahua Home

 Before you bring your Chihuahua puppy home, youíll want to choose a good vet for your puppy. Ask the breeder, shelter or pet store where you bought your puppy if they recommend a vet that you can bring your Chihuahua puppy to. There are many diseases that puppies, especially, are susceptible to, so youíll want to make sure that they get their proper shots and youíll want your puppy to be tested so that you know that you have chosen a healthy Chihuahua puppy. Your vet will help you with any health concerns facing your puppy and will help with Chihuahua care so that you and your Chihuahua can have a long, happy life together. You will also need to learn about grooming your Chihuahua.

The Right Chihuahua Diet

 Also, ask your vet about the proper foods you should feed your Chihuahua puppy. Proper Chihuahua care includes what you feed him or her. Make sure that whatever food you choose is appropriate for a puppy and a small puppy at that. Your vet will more than likely have just the food in mind. Make sure you have plenty of this food on hand, as Chihuahua puppies can eat a lot. Your vet will also let you know if you should supplement your puppyís diet with any vitamins.

 As stated above, Chihuahua care isnít difficult. As long as your puppy has a healthy amount of food and water that it can go to whenever itís hungry or thirsty, and as long as you provide plenty of love, care and attention, your puppy will grow up to be a healthy, strong adult. Notice how big isnít part of the equation. Chihuahua puppies wonít grow very big physically but they have some of the biggest hearts of any other breed of dogs.

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